Have you ever heard about online bonuses? In a traditional sense bonuses are free accommodation and free meals but in online world that is not a case! When we talk about online bonuses we talk about free money in an account, which allows you to continue playing for free. Why is that so? Well that is the best way to outdo fierce competitors. There are different kinds of bonuses offered by online casinos.

Sign-up bonus

This bonus is offered at the very first beginning. Once you sign up you get a bonus that is you get free money for gambling. Pay attention it could be a trap. Some sites make you agree with terms and conditions suitable to them. To be more precise, some sites won’t allow you to withdraw the money until you had played certain number of games. Not to be a victim of some kind of fraud pay attention on blacklisted casinos. Nobody will look after you but yourself.

Exclusive casino bonuses

They are meter of loyalty that is the casinos offer them to the most loyal members of their site. When gamblers achieve certain number of points are normally offered these kinds of bonuses. For example if you moved from gold membership to platinum you get this kind of bonus. That doesn’t mean that you are a lucky one but that you are playing enough long to become a loyal user.

Casino Online Bonus Offers

No deposit casino bonuses

These kinds of bonuses are created to introduce people to online gambling and casinos. It’s some kind of trial time…testing gambling. In this way you will be able to gamble without putting money on your account. You will get familiar with functioning of site and playing for free but only for certain time.

Free play casino bonuses

Similar to no deposit bonuses they are like a sort of promotion of gambling. The only thing is that you can’t withdraw winning like you can with no deposit bonuses. They are used for new games in promotional purposes.

Free spin bonuses

These kinds of bonuses are also used in promotional purposes. They are offered to clients like a promotional material. They are offered to all clients who are willing to try out a new game. Of course you have to get familiar with terms and conditions for your own good. Do that before you select it so you won’t regret later.

Refer a friend bonus

When gambling becomes some kind of chain reaction that is when you refer your friends to sign up with a casino site youwill receive your first deposit. In this case you are a reference that is just going to get a friend bonus. In this way they stimulate you to spread news about their sites around and become they personal promoter. Like some kind of incentive.

Whatever kind of bonuses you get always keep in mind that they exist to drag you to gambling. Try not to become addicted and use it only to get fun. Because it’s dangerous just astraditional gambling.